Question: How can I use Airtel India Sim in Nepal?

Can I use my Indian SIM in Nepal?

Does an Indian sim work in Nepal? Something frequently asked is if Indian sim cards work in Nepal. Yes, they work, but only if you activate data roaming! You can’t use your Indian data bundles and calling minutes in Nepal, you will have to pay extra charges.

Can I use Airtel Sim outside India?

Airtel works in most of the countries across the globe. However, our roaming packs are available in around 175 countries. With the International Roaming packs, you get calls and data charges at discounted rate. … Prepaid users can track all their usage (data , validity, voice and sms) in real-time.

How can I activate international SMS in Airtel?

How To Turn On International Roaming On Airtel?

  1. Either visit the official website of Airtel or open the My Airtel App.
  2. After that, sign up with your mobile number. …
  3. In the app look for the traffic plans of the country that you are visiting.
  4. Now, select any desired plan and recharge with that.
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Can I use Airtel SIM in Nepal?

Re: Will Airtel sim card work in Nepal? No, not unless you have International Roaming activated on it. I believe that takes some extra charges and on prepaid you will only get limited roaming facility like text msgs and incoming calls only. Its better to buy another sim card from a provider in Nepal.

Can I use my Jio Sim in Nepal?

Jio Support

International Roaming is a service which allows you to use your Jio SIM while travelling to another country outside India. With your Jio SIM you can travel 170 countries and enjoy seamless voice, data and SMS service experience.

How do I get OTP overseas?

Yes. You’ll need to activate international roaming on your mobile phone before you travel overseas in order to receive the One-Time Pin (OTP). Contact your network provider as SMSs may incur an additional cost.

How do I convert my SIM card to International?

Answer: Carefully punch out the SIM card from its plastic holder and insert the card into your unlocked GSM mobile phone* as instructed in the phone’s user manual. Turn on your phone. Your phone will now have an international that works in the USA, Europe, Caribbean and growing.

Can I use my SIM in another country?

An International SIM card can be used worldwide. It allows you to switch between an American number (even the one you already have) and foreign numbers so the people you’re communicating with don’t have to pay extra to call or text you, regardless of where they are and what country you happen to be in at the moment.

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Is international roaming free on Airtel?

Airtel also announced that post the exhaustion of pack data benefits, international roaming data will now be charged at just Rs. … 650/MB, so that customers can enjoy uninterrupted data usage without having to worry about bill charges.

What happens if we do not recharge Airtel SIM?

If an Airtel user fails to recharge upon expiry of validity, and is not on any active plan, outgoing calls would immediately be barred and the income calls will stop after seven days.

Can I receive SMS while overseas Airtel?

Hi, Yes you can receive incoming sms on International roaming since there is no charges for incoming Sms currently. However incase you are using postpaid, you will have to get International Roaming activated.

Can I receive SMS overseas?

DO NOT send SMS messages or text messages while traveling overseas unless you want to pay out the nose for them. (Also remember that it’s usually not possible to send SMS over Wi-Fi.) You CAN receive SMS messages/texts, but you might pay for them.

Does OTP work overseas?

Yes. One-Time Pin (OTP) is supported in a number of international countries.

How can I activate my Airtel SIM?

Here are the steps to activate your new 4G SIM:

  1. SMS SIM <20-digit SIM card number of your new SIM> to 121.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox. Reply with 1.
  3. Listen to the confirmation call you receive immediately and give your consent by replying with 1.