What are the newest state of India formed between 2000 to 2014?

Which states in India were formed after 2000?

On November 1, 10 and 15, 2000, three new states, India’s 26th, 27th and 28th, came into being. Chhattisgarh which came first was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. Uttarakhand was separated from Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, the last one, was carved out of Bihar. On November 4, 2011, Orissa was renamed Odisha.

Which is the newest state in India?

On 2 June 2014, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh as the 29th state of the union. On 31 October 2019, Jammu and Kashmir state was split into two new Union Territories: Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Which is the newly created state in 2014?

The state of Telangana was officially formed on 2 June 2014. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao was elected as the first chief minister of Telangana, following elections in which the Telangana Rashtra Samithi party secured majority.

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Which is the 17th state of India?

1966 : Punjab was bifurcated to create Haryana. UT of Chandigargh was formed. Hilly Areas of Punjab were merged with Himachal Pradesh. Haryana becomes the 17th State.

Which is the 18th state of India?

On 18th December, 1970 the State of Himachal Pradesh Act was passed by Parliament and the new state came into being on 25th January, 1971. Thus H.P. emerged as the eighteenth state of Indian Union.

Which is the 1st state of India?

Andhra Pradesh was the first state of Independent India formed on a linguistic basis. It was formed on October 1, 1953.

Which state was not created in 2000?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Maharashtra. Maharashtra state was formed in 1960 by dividing the Bombay province on a linguistic basis into Maharashtra and Gujarat. In November 2000, three new states were created, namely Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal(Uttarakhand), and Jharkhand.

Which is the 19th state of India?

On January 21, 1972 three new states, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura were formed: Manipur, a Union Territory, was given full statehood, becoming the nineteenth state.

Which state is removed from India?

The August 2019 Presidential order stated that all the provisions of the Indian Constitution applied to Jammu and Kashmir. This in effect meant that the separate Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir stood abrogated, and a single constitution now applied to all the Indian states.

Which is the last state formed in India?

Telangana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh were the most recent Indian States to be formed followed by Mizoram and Sikkim.

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What is the name of the 29th state in India?

Telangana was created on 2 June 2014 from ten former districts of north-western Andhra Pradesh.

Which is the 23rd state of India?

In 1986 the Indian Parliament adopted the 53rd amendment of the Indian Constitution, which allowed for the creation of the State of Mizoram on 20 February 1987, as India’s 23rd state.

Which state became a part of India in 1974?

In 1974, Sikkim became an associate State of India. By an Act of Parliament titled the Constitution (Thirty-sixth Amendment) Act, 1975, Sikkim became an integral part of the Indian Union on 26 April 1975.

Which is the 21st state of India?

List of states and union territories area wise

Rank State (S) / Union territory (UT) Area (km2)
18 (S17) Himachal Pradesh 55,673
19 (S18) Uttarakhand 53,483
20 (S19) Punjab 50,362
21 (S20) Haryana 44,212