What is the train charges from Hyderabad to Delhi?

Fare for trains from Hyderabad to Delhi is Rs 4460 in First AC (1A), Rs 1825 in Third AC (3A), Rs 425 in Second Seater (2S), Rs 2625 in Second AC (2A) and Rs 695 in Sleeper (SL) in general quota.

How much is the train ticket to Delhi?

Fare for trains from Bengaluru to Delhi is Rs 515 in Second Seater (2S), Rs 1925 in Chair Car (CC), Rs 5815 in First AC (1A), Rs 3165 in Second AC (2A), Rs 840 in Sleeper (SL) and Rs 2180 in Third AC (3A) in general quota.

What is the train ticket charge?

Here are 10 things to know about Indian Railways ticket booking charges:

Class Reservation Fee Supplementary charges for Superfast trains
AC – 3 Tier Rs. 40 Rs 45
AC Chair Car Rs. 40 Rs 45
Sleeper (Mail/Express) Rs. 20 Rs 30
Second Sitting (Mail/Express) Rs. 15 Rs 15

Is trains are running from Hyderabad to Delhi?

There are 10 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Hyderabad to Delhi , covering the shortest distance of about 1692 km by RAJDHANI EXP(22691).

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How much is a train ticket in rupees?

Tatkal Fare – Minimum 30% Fare of Base Fare.

Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (INR) Maximum Tatkal Charges (INR)
Sleeper 100 200
AC Chair Car 125 225
AC 3 Tier 300 400
AC 2 Tier 400 500

Is train available to Delhi?

There are 56 trains originating , 62 trains passing and 59 trains terminating at New Delhi Railway station. The first train originating/passing from New Delhi departs at 00:10.

What is 2A in train?

Second AC or AC 2-tier (2A)

This is second AC Sleeper class by the Indian Railways. In terms of features it stands less than the first ac coaches but in terms of service and comfort this class is way above 3A class. It has 6 berths in each compartment.

What is sleeper class ticket?

Sleeper class: The sleeper class is the most common coach on the Indian Railways, and usually ten or more coaches of SL could be attached to a train rake. These are regular sleeping coaches with three berths across the width and two longways, without air conditioning. It carries 72 passengers per coach.

What do you get first class train?

The majority of train companies offer first class services which include free Wi-Fi, complimentary food and drinks, free newspapers, extra leg room and reclining seats as well as first class lounges at certain stations.

How much is a box on a train?

Generally, the wagons in one rake can be from 40 to 58 maximum based on the length of the boxes. Hence, a goods train can have 58 wagons and passenger train can have only 24 coaches.

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Are to Delhi train time table?

Alwaye To Delhi Trains

  • TVC NDLS SF EXP#02625. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 4:50 PM AWYALUVA. 1d20h25m2800 kms. …
  • MANGLADWEEP EXP#02617. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 1:47 PM AWYALUVA. 1d23h38m3053 kms. …
  • ERS NZM DURONTO#02283. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 11:25 PM ERSERNAKULAM JN. 1d17h55m2943 kms. …
  • TVC NZM EXP#02431. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 10:25 PM ERSERNAKULAM JN.

Are trains running from Hyderabad to Mumbai?

Some of the trains that operate between Hyderabad and Mumbai include: VSKP LTT EXPRESS , COA LTT EXPRESS. … There are 10 weekly trains and 5 daily trains that run from Hyderabad to Mumbai , covering the shortest distance of about 790 km by DURONTO AC EXP(12220).

What is general quota in train?

A railways reservation General quota (GN) can be defined as the total number of tickets that can be issued for travel from the originating station issued by booking offices of the originating and other nearby stations.