What should I wear in Delhi India?

Whether you’re wandering around Old Delhi or visiting the Red Fort in New Delhi, it is recommended that you dress conservatively, covering your knees and shoulders. While this is not a strict dress code, foreigners receive a huge amount of attention in India and the less you are covered, the more stares you will get.

What should I wear in Delhi now?

What to Wear in Delhi

  • In summers, you should wear loose fitting cotton clothing. …
  • In case you are coming in winters, carry lots of woolen clothing with you. …
  • You can even try wearing traditional Indian clothing like Salwar-Kameez, as they tend to be very comfortable.

How do people dress in Delhi?

New Delhi Culture Dress:

Salwar Kameez is the traditional dress of womenfolk in Delhi. … Other traditional dresses worn by women in Delhi include Ghagra Cholis, and Saris. Western wear is generally preferred by students. Men in Delhi wear Sherwanis as traditional costumes.

What should you not wear in India?

Both men and women travelers should have pants and avoid tank tops as clothes to wear in India. In India, attire for women (if you really want to look like a local) includes long skirts that go down to the ankle instead of pants. While T-shirts are acceptable, always err on the side of modesty.

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What female tourists should wear in India?

Bring loose-fitting T-shirts, tunics and blouses with high necklines and long or short sleeves, and loose-fitting pants and ankle-length skirts in cool, lightweight fabrics like cotton. Pack a lightweight scarf to wear around your neck for extra modesty and to cover your head when visiting temples and mosques.

Is there a dress code for Taj Mahal?

There is no dress code for Taj visit but what makes you comfortable go with that… Visit early Thursday gets busy in the late hours of the day as it is closed on Fridays.

Is Delhi safe?

New Delhi is a fairly safe place to visit, but travelers to the area should be aware of certain situations and take a few precautions. New Delhi is a big city with a population of over 12 million. Therefore it has crime issues that go along with being a city of such size.

Can you wear shorts in New Delhi?

Re: Are shorts acceptable dress in Delhi? Its a personal choice, no will will mind if you wear shorts anywhere except at religious places like temples and mosques. Its very hot in Delhi now, so dress for comfort. However some hotels and resturants may have dress codes so it depends on where you are going.

Can females wear shorts in India?

Many Indian women, even in their 40s find it comfortable to wear shorts when they are living abroad but when in India it’s a strict no-no for them.

What is the main food of Delhi?

What food is Delhi famous for? Paranthas, chaat, butter chicken, kebabs, chole bhature, biryani, rolls, samosa, and gol gappa are some of the best foods that you must try in Delhi.

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Is wearing short clothes wrong?

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with women wearing short skirts and small clothes. Because it should be solely the choice of an individual of what he/she wishes to wear.

Should I wear a scarf in India?

Scarves & Shawls to wear in India

When visiting local temples and religious buildings it is necessary for both men and women to be respectful. This usually means that women and to a certain extent men ought to be covered up. In such occasions, a scarf or a shawl can double up as a headscarf and a shoulder wrap.

Can you show your shoulders in India?

Wear loose-fitting clothing in India

Generally speaking, for women, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing that does not reveal your shape, particularly in more rural areas. You should cover your shoulders, as it is seen as somewhat scandalous in India to bear them.

Can you wear short skirts in India?

Wear mini-skirts (but it doesn’t have to be to the ankle either). You can wear skirts that go to the knee, as long as they aren’t tight pencil skirts paired with a tiny top too. That’s a little much. If you want to wear a skirt that goes to the knee, keep it loose, and wear a decent top with it.