Where is cardamom found in India?

Cultivation of cardamom is mostly concentrated in the ever green forests of Western Ghats in South India.

Where does cardamom grow in India?

Cardamom ( Elettaria cardamomum L.) popularly, known as Queen of Spices is native to the evergreen rainy forests of Western Ghats in South India. It is cultivated in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Which state is famous for cardamom?

The Cardamom Hills or Yela Mala are mountain range of southern India and part of the southern Western Ghats located in Idukki district, Kerala, India.

Cardamom Hills
Language of name Malayalam
Cardamom Hills Kerala, Tamil Nadu, South India
Parent range Western Ghats

Where is cardamom mostly found?

Cardamom fruits may be collected from wild plants, native to the moist forests of southern India, but most cardamom is cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. The fruits are picked or clipped from the stems just before maturity, cleansed, and dried in the sun or in a heated curing chamber.

Who is the largest producer of cardamom in India?

Production(000 Tonnes)

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Sr No. State Share(%)
1 Kerala 66.47
2 Sikkim 17.08
3 Karnataka 5.94

What is cardamom called in India?

Black cardamom is a popular Indian spice, called badi elaichi or kali elaichi, that is used in many of the cuisine’s signature dishes.

Which country is famous for cardamom?

Nepal is the world’s largest producer of large cardamom. Other countries where this cultivar is produced are India and Bhutan.

Which state produce more Elaichi in India?

Kerala is the largest producer of small cardamom, followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Where does Elaichi grow?

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton) is one of the oldest known spices in the world. Evergreen forests of Western Ghats of South India are considered as the centre of origin as well as natural habitat of cardamom.

Can we grow cardamom at home?

If you live in a very warm, humid climate (or in US Department of Agriculture zones 10 to 12), you can grow your own cardamom plant. Plant a few cardamom seeds indoors and let them grow for a few months so they sprout above the soil.

Which state consumes most cardamom in India?

India produces about 4200 tons of cardamom annually, and with its agro-forestry system, Sikkim contributes 86 percent of cardamom of the nation. Large cardamom is an ancient spice-cum-medicinal herb used by northeastern people.

In which state is Cardamom Hills?

Cardamom Hills, mountainous area in southeastern Kerala state, southern India, forming part of the Western Ghats range.

Who is the queen of spices?

Cardamom or Elettaria Cardamomum Maton is one of the most highly prized and exotic spices and rightly deserves the name “queen of spices”. It is also commonly referred to as the “green cardamom” or the “true cardamom”, and belongs to the family of ginger. The use of this spice dates back to at least 4000 years.

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What is the price of cardamom in Sikkim?

Sikkim Large Cardamom Physical Market

Market Commodity/Variety Price
Gangtok Cardamom Badadana 775
Gangtok Cardamom Chotadana 700
Siliguri Cardamom Badadana 925
Siliguri Cardamom Chotadana 825