Which water body surrounds most in India?

Which water body is longest in India?

A Largest water Body in India – Pulicat Lake.

What are the two large bodies of water that surround India?

India is located in the southern part of Asia and borders the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal.

Which river has most water in India?

Brahmaputra rivers of India carries the most water. The mighty Brahmaputra River, which is one of the largest rivers in the world, is known by different names based on the region it flows through. The Brahmaputra Valley has an average width of about 80 Km.

Which river is longest Indus or Brahmaputra?

Top 10 Longest Rivers in India

Name of Rivers Length (Km)
1. Indus River 2900
2. Brahmaputra River 2900
3. Ganga River 2525
4. Godavari River 1465

Which water body surrounded the Indian peninsula?

The Indian peninsula is separated from mainland Asia by the Himalayas. The Country is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, and the Indian Ocean to the south.

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How many bodies of water are surrounding India?

India is surrounded on three sides by water bodies and on the other by land, so it is a peninsula. The Indian peninsula is surrounded by the western Arabian Sea, the eastern Bay of Bengal, and the southern Indian Ocean.

What ocean surrounds Antarctica?

Antarctic Polar Front

The Southern Ocean encircles Antarctica, and its area is usually defined as extending from the edge of the continent (and its ice shelves) to the position of the ‘polar front’ separating it from the surrounding Pacific, Indian and South Atlantic Oceans.

Which is the cleanest river of India?

Recently, the Jal Shakti Ministry declared the Umngot river in Meghalaya as the cleanest in the country. The ministry took to Twitter share a stunning image of the crystal-clear river.

Which state in India has no river?

List of Indian States That Have The Least Number of Rivers.

S.No. States With Least Numbers of Rivers
1 Haryana
2 Manipur
3 Tripura
4 Uttarakhand

Which is ___ longest river in India?

Compared to other major rivers in Asia, the Ganges is the longest river in India with a length of 2,510 kilometres and an average flow rate of 14,720 m3/s.

What are the 12 rivers in India?

12 Important Rivers In India And The Legends Associated With Them

  • Ganga.
  • Yamuna.
  • Brahmaputra.
  • Narmada.
  • Chambal.
  • Kaveri.
  • Beas River.
  • Tapti.

Which is big Indus or Ganga?

The Indus basin has the largest number of glaciers (3500), whereas the Ganga and Brahmaputra basins contain about 1000 and 660 glaciers, respectively. Ganga is the largest river system in India. However these rivers are just three among many.

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Why Brahmaputra is known as Red river?

In Tibet, the Brahmaputra catchment area is 2, 93,000 sq. 1. The soil of this region is naturally rich in iron content, bringing the colour red to the river with a high concentration of red and yellow soil sediments. That’s why Brahmaputra River is also called Red River.