Can I come back to India after MS in Germany?

Can I come back to India after masters in Germany?

Students take it for granted that having a master’s degree with 3 to 5 years of work experience makes it very easy for them to find jobs in India. … The best way to get out of this loop would be to get an internal transfer within your company if they have an Indian branch office.

Is MS from Germany valid in India?

Yes, german masters is recognised in India.

Will I get job in India after MS in Germany?

Since the field covers a broad range of topics, a student can explore the following career options: Biomedical engineer, Electrical and Electronics engineer, Broadcast and sound engineering technician, Aerospace engineer and Computer systems analyst among others.

Can we come to India after MS?

No matter what you do after completing your MS and returning to India – and we’ve seen people go into industry, join a completely different field, join the family business, start-up, go into research – the fact that you have a graduate degree acquired abroad will make a difference.

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Is MS valid in India?

No equivalence is granted to distance, correspondence or online international degrees. No equivalence is granted to degrees where students are admitted through pathway or diploma level institutions. AIU does not provide equivalence to professional degrees which allow their practice in India.

Can I do Masters in Germany after doing masters in India?

For Indian students to study a masters in Germany, a residence permit is required, which will allow students to live and study in the country for a period of two years. If you are awaiting confirmation of your candidature from any university, an applicant visa can help you enter Germany in the meantime.

What is the salary after MS in Germany?

This opens up the opportunity to get permanent employment after the completion of MS. 6. With an unemployment rate of only 3.1%, Germany provides an average salary of 76,000-103,000 EUR/year (INR 66,27,743 to 89,82,336 per year) for master graduates.

Can I do second Masters in Germany?

You can start your second master after completing your first master’s from any university or university of applied sciences. As long as you are able to finance your studies, you can even go for 3rd master. There is no restriction on master programs one can take.

What are the chances of getting a job after MS in Germany?

After students graduate from a university in Germany, finding a job is relatively easy. The education system is strong and provides students with skills that gets them employed immediately. In fact, graduate unemployment is only 2.3%, the lowest on the continent of Europe.

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Is it easy to get job in Germany after MS Quora?

Getting into an MS in Germany is easier than getting out of it. Most people Get Good Jobs who’ve gone to Germany to pursue their education. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Get Good Jobs in Germany in comparison to Computer Engineering Graduates and MBA Graduates. Even Environmental Engineers get nice jobs.

What is the salary after MS in India?

The average ms salary in India is ₹ 1,050,000 per year or ₹ 538 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 450,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 2,000,000 per year.

Do MS students get job in India?

If you are a freshly minted MS or MBA graduate from a US university looking for a job in India without any prior experience, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, you will be considered as a Fresher with M. … It is not the best idea to compete against such large pool of Masters degree holders in India.

What is the salary for MS students in India?

Master Student salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 20.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.5 Lakhs.

Is it good to do MS after 5 years of experience?

The answer is – surprisingly, not always. But mostly, yes. It means that work experience is like an added qualification and carries some weight just like your GPA, GRE score and application documents do. … So, a students without work experience is NOT at a disadvantage in MS applications.

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