In which year was Indian Forest Service setup?

The Indian Forest Service, one of the three All India Services, was constituted in the year 1966 under the All India Services Act, 1951 by the Government of India.

When was the India forest Service set up?

The Indian forest services were set up in 1864. It helps in the formulation of the Indian forest act of 1865. The Imperial Forest Research Institute was set up at Dehradun in 1906.

Who was the Indian Forest Service setup?

Dietrich Brandis was appointed as the Inspector General of Forests when the Imperial Forest services (later came to be known as Indian Forest services) was set up. So, the correct answer is Option B.

Why was the Indian Forest Service setup Class 9?

(ii)Rules about the use of forest resources had to be framed. (iii)Felling of trees and grazing had to be restricted so that forests could be preserved for timber production. … (v)So Brandis set up the Indian Forest Service in 1864 and helped formulate the Indian Forest Act of 1865.

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Who set up Indian Forest Service in 1864?

In 1864, the British Raj established the Imperial Forest Department; Dietrich Brandis, a German forest officer, was appointed Inspector General of Forests.

In which year the baster rebellion took place?

The Bastar Rebellion, also known as the bhumkal (earthquake) was an Adivasi rebellion in 1910 against the British Raj in the princely state of Bastar in central India.

When was Forest Act enacted a 1865 B 1866 C 1867 D 1869?

Complete answer: The Imperial Forest Department was set up in 1864 and it helped in formulation Indian Forest Act which was passed in the year 1865.

Where was Imperial Forest Research Institute setup?

Established as Imperial Forest Research Institute in 1906, the Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehradun, was first situated at Chandhbagh (the present location of the Doon School) on the Mall Road.

Which of the following decision was taken by the Forest Act 1878?

Forests were to be cleared for cultivation.

Who was the first inspector general of the Forest of India?

The first Inspector General of forest in India was a German expert, Dr Dietrich Brandis.

When was Indian Forest Service started class 9?

Brandis set up the Indian Forest Service in 1864. He also formulated the Indian Forest Act in 1865.

What is Forest Management Class 9?

Forest officials surveyed the forests, estimated the area under different types of trees, and made working plans for the forest management. They planned how much of the plantation area to cut every year. The area cut was then to be replanted so that it was ready to be cut again in some years.

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What is forestry class 9?

Explanation: a system of cutting trees controlled by the forest department in which old trees are cut and new ones planted. bolivianouft and 3 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 3.