What did Fa Hien write about India?

Fa-Hien wrote about India in his book Fo-kwo-ki (Travels of Fa-hien). He mentioned about two monasteries in Pataliputra – Mahayana and Hinayana.

What Fa-Hien wrote about India?

Fa-Hien was a Chinese pilgrim, who traveled all over India for more than 13 years. The title of the book that he wrote about India was, Fo-Kwo-Ki (The Travels of Fa-Hien).

What was Fa-Hien observations about India?

Fahien noted the peacefulness of India, the rarity of serious crime, and the mildness of the administration. He stated that it was possible to travel from one end to another in the country without molestation, and without passports.

What did Fa-Hien say about India Class 9?

He says, Buddhism and Hinduism were most popular religions and there was much tolerance on religious matters. The social condition was also good and public morality was high. The people were vegetarian and alcohol was avoided.

Who was Fa-Hien write few lines about Fa-Hien?

Note: Fa-hein was the first traveller who visited India from China. He studied the Sanskrit language for about three years in the city of Patliputra. He has written about the culture of Buddhism in India and the Gupta Empire in his book ‘Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms’.

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Who wrote the book fo Ko Ki?

The Chinese traveller Fa-hien wrote the book ‘Gho-ko-ki’.

What did Fa Hien wrote about the Gupta empire?

Fa-hien did not record anything specifically about the political condition of India. He did not mention even the name of Chandra Gupta II in whose dominion he must have lived for more than five years. However, we can deduce something from his records.

What are the observations made by Fa Hien about magadha?

The people were free to move from one land to another. The government servants were paid in cash and they were barred from taking presents or bribery from the people. Monasteries, Sanghas, temples and their property and other religious endowments were free from government taxes.

What do you know about Fa Hien?

Fa-hien (337-c. 422 AD) was the first Chinese Buddhist pilgrim to leave an account of his travels to Central Asia, India and Sri Lanka. The name of this monk may correctly be pronounced as Faxian but is also written as Fa-hsien.

What did Fa-Hien say about the people under Pallava rule?

Fa-Hein was Chinese pilgrim whose main interest was in the religious and social beliefs. His accounts rarely talk about the political condition during the Pallava rule. … People in the Pallava rule lived a happy and prosperous life with high public morality. They mostly followed Hinduism and Buddhism during that era.