What is the percentage of Hindu in Jammu and Kashmir?

According to the 2011 census, Jammu and Kashmir population religion wise, Muslim is followed by about 68.3%, 28.4% follow Hinduism, Sikhism (1.9%), Buddhism (0.9%) and Christianity (0.3%).

Was Kashmir a Hindu state?

Historical demographics of Kashmir

Of these 2,154,695 were Muslims, 689,073 Hindus, 25,828 Sikhs, and 35,047 Buddhists. The Hindus were found mainly in Jammu, where they constituted a little less than 50% of the population.

Who killed Kashmiri Hindus?

The local organisation of pandits in Kashmir, Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samiti after carrying out a survey in 2008 and 2009, said that 399 Kashmiri Pandits were killed by insurgents from 1990 to 2011 with 75% of them being killed during the first year of the Kashmiri insurgency.

Is there any Hindu in Azad Kashmir?

By 1951, only 790 non-Muslims remained in areas that came to comprise Azad Kashmir; down from a previous population of 114,000 that used to live there. Many Hindus and Sikhs from Muzaffarabad and Mirpur that survived the raids became displaced within the former princely state.

How many Hindus are Pok?

Hinduism in Pakistan

Total population
4.44 million (2017 Census) (2.14% of Pakistan’s population)
Regions with significant populations
Sindh (4,176,986) (93%)
Punjab (211,641) (5%)
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How many Hindu Pandits were killed in Kashmir?

MILITANTS KILLED as many as 1,724 people in Jammu and Kashmir in which 89 were Kashmiri Pandits during the past over three decades, an information accessed by an RTI activist has revealed.

How many Kashmiri Pandits convert to Islam?

Subsequently, according to some traditions ten thousand Kashmiri Hindus converted to Islam and hence the seeds of Islam in Kashmir were sown.

Who attacked Kashmiri Pandits?

Hizbul Mujahideen militant, Burhan Muzaffar Wani, had threatened of attacking the “Hindu composite townships” which were meant to be built for the rehabilitation of the non-Muslim community. In a 6-minute long video clip, Wani described the rehabilitation scheme as resembling Israeli designs.

Are there any Hindus in Gilgit Baltistan?

In the Gilgit and Baltistan areas, there were few Hindus and Sikhs outside state officials and armed forces. … There were over 8,000 Hindu Rajputs and over 16,000 Jats in Bhimber district p. 12, [2].

How many Sikhs killed 1947?

An estimated 20,000–100,000 Muslims were massacred.

1947 Jammu massacres
Methods Rioting, pogrom, arson, mass rape
Death(s) 20,000–100,000 Muslims 20,000+ Hindus/Sikhs

Is there any Hindu in Pakistan Army?

Meet Lal Chand a Hindu in the Pakistan army who died serving in PoK. His Hindu mother declared she is ready to sacrifice all her children and grandchildren (all Hindus) to protect Pakistan. In a battle with India these Hindu and Sikh officers in the Pakistan army will fight the hardest.

How many Hindus are there in Azad Kashmir?

Of these, 6,793,240 (66.97%) were Muslims; 3,005,349 (29.63%) were Hindus; 207,154 (2.04%) were Sikhs; and 113,787 (1.12%) were Buddhists. In Pakistan-administered Kashmir (containing Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir) 99% of the population is Muslim.

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Is Jammu a Hindu?

Jammu city is the largest city in Jammu and the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir. … A majority of Jammu’s population practices Hinduism, while Islam and Sikhism enjoy a strong cultural heritage in the region.