Which region is the biggest trading partner of India now?

China has regained its position as India’s top trading partner despite a decaying relationship between the Asian neighbours.

Which country is largest trading partner of India?

The US has been the largest trading partner of India with respect to merchandise trade since 2018-19, except in 2020-21, when trade with America declined marginally on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Anupriya Patel said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.

Which country is our biggest trading partner?

U.S. trade with other nations is worth $4.9 trillion per year. China, Canada and Mexico are the country’s largest trading partners, accounting for nearly $1.9 trillion worth of imports and exports. But this landscape could be reshaped as President Trump pursues “America First” policies and reworks free trade deals.

Who is the largest trading partner of India Mcq?

China has again become India’s top trading partner in the year 2020.

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Which is India’s largest trading partner in Europe?

The EU is India’s third largest trading partner, accounting for €62.8 billion worth of trade in goods in 2020 or 11.1% of total Indian trade, after China (12%) and the US (11.7%).

Who is Venezuela’s largest trading partner?

Venezuela top 5 Export and Import partners

Exporter Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States 10,488 23.33
China 7,645 17.01
Brazil 4,503 10.02
Colombia 2,258 5.02

What are the biggest trading countries?

Year-to-Date Total Trade

Rank Country Exports
Total, All Countries 1,595.3
Total, Top 15 Countries 1,123.5
1 Mexico 252.7
2 Canada 280.1

Which are the biggest trading locations in the world?

Highlights. The EU, the United States and China together accounted for 45 % of both imports and exports of goods globally in 2020. Machinery and vehicles were the most traded goods in 2020 for the EU, the United States and China.

Which country is India’s largest trade partner in 2019 20?

Largest trading partners with India

Rank Country Total Trade
1 United States 92.0
2 China 81.89
3 United Arab Emirates 59.03
4 Saudi Arabia 26.71

Which country is India’s top trading partner in 2019 20?

The USA remained India’s top trading partner for the second consecutive fiscal in 2019-20, which shows increasing economic ties between the two countries. In 2019-20, the bilateral trade between the USA and India stood at USD 88.75 billion as against USD 87.96 billion in 2018-19.

Which country does India trade with?

In 2018, India major trading partner countries for exports were United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, China and Singapore and for imports they were China, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

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Which country is known as India of Europe?

France C). Italy D). Spain. From all these options Italy is answer.

Which country is known as ‘India of Europe’?

Type Answers
D) Spain

What India exports the most?

Top 10 exports of India

  • Engineering goods.
  • Petroleum products.
  • Gems and jewelry.
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • Electronic goods.
  • Cotton yarn/fabrics/made-ups, handloom products etc.
  • Ready-made garments (RMG) of all textiles.

Which country is China largest trading partner?

At $20.49 trillion, the United States boasts the largest economy in the world and is China’s largest trading partner. Last year, the total value of bilateral trade between the two countries was $737.1 billion, with U.S. imports from China valued at $557.9 billion and U.S. exports to China valued at $179.3 billion.