Who is the winner of the Indian Idol season 10?

Who is the winner of Indian Idol 2020 Season 10?

Indian Idol Season 10 Winner- Salman Ali

He did his playback debut with the song ‘Sab Badhiya Hai’ in a 2018 film Sui Dhaga-Made in India. He sang the theme song of the historical TV Show ‘Chandragupta Maurya.

Who is the winner of Indian Idol season 2020?

Pawandeep Rajan has won the 12th season of Indian Idol. Uttarakhand’s Pawandeep Rajan has won the 12th season of Indian Idol. Pawandeep lifted the winner’s trophy and also won the prize money of ₹25 lakh. Arunita Kanjilal and Sayli Kamble were runners-up.

Who is the winner of Indian Idol season 12?

Pawandeep Rajan was recently declared the winner of Indian Idol season 12, with Arunita becoming the first runner-up. Indian Idol season 12 recently declared Pawandeep Rajan as the winner. The grand finale of the show, held on August 15, was an extravagant affair.

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Who won Indian Idol 11?

Sunny Hindustani was the winner of Indian Idol 11 and since then he has started his own YouTube channel through which he entertains music lovers.

Who is win Indian Idol 2021?

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], August 25 (ANI): Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has announced Indian Idol 2021 winner Pawandeep Rajan as the state’s Art, Tourism, and Culture brand ambassador.

Who is the 2nd runner-up of Indian Idol 10?


Season Year Runner-up
9 2016–17 Khuda Baksh and Rohit Paritala
10 2018 Ankush Bhardwaj
11 2019 Rohit Shyam Raut
12 2020-2021 Arunita Kanjilal

Who came second in Indian Idol season 11?

Indian Idol 2020 Winner, Runner up and Top 5 Contestants of Season 11

Sr No. Finalist Result
1 Ridham Kalyan Competing
2 Sunny Hindustani Winner
3 Rohit Raut Competing
4 Adriz Ghosh Competing

Is Sonu Kakkar sister of Neha Kakkar?

Neha Kakkar Finally Reveals Why Sister Sonu Kakkar Replaced Her on Indian Idol 12. Neha Kakkar appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show where she finally broke silence on why her sister, Sonu Kakkar, replaced her on Indian Idol 12 earlier this year.

Why did Neha leave Indian Idol?

“Neha has been judging Indian Idol for the past seasons and wanted to take a break. She has worked hard for many years and achieved a lot. She now wanted to spend some quality time with her husband Rohanpreet. That is one of the reasons why she did not continue judging Indian Idol after the team returned to Mumbai.

Who is the 2nd runner up of Indian Idol 2021?

Indian Idol 12 Winner Pawandeep Rajanto With 1st & 2nd Runner-Up Arunita Kanjilal And Shanmukha Priya To Appear In Musical Series.

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Who is the winner of Indian Idol Season 8?

List of Indian Idol Winners – All Seasons – 1 to 12

Name of Indian Idol Winner Season of Indian Idol Year
Ananya Sritam Nanda 8 2015
LV Revanth 9 2017
Salman Ali 10 2018
Sunny Hindustani 11 2019-20

Who is the second winner of Indian Idol 12?

Indian Idol 12 Finalists

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Sayli Kamble 2nd Runner Up
2 Nihal Tauro 4th Runner up
3 Pawandeep Rajan Winner
4 Arunita Kanjilal 1st Runner up

Is Neha Kakkar win Indian Idol?

Neha, who has been judging the show for the past few seasons, won’t appear on the grand finale episode of Indian Idol 12. The singer appeared as a judge till May 2021, after which the seat was taken up by her sister and singer Sonu Kakkar. Now it has been learned that Neha will not be a part of the finale too.

Who is the 1st Indian Idol?

Abhijeet Sawant won the first season of Indian Idol, an adaptation of the Pop Idol format, in 2004.