Why can’t I wear shorts in India?

Why can’t I wear shorts in India?

In cities it is common. Exposure to western culture and the perceived superiority of their fashion, to be seen as modern, is the reason. But in rural India, shorts are considered similar to underwear for men. I have seen men covering themselves up with a dhoti, when someone sees their shorts.

Is it OK to wear shorts in India?

Yes, you can wear shorts, although most Indian men stop wearing shorts in their mid-teens. Most places are familiar with Western styles and in tourist areas or big cities, they might wear them as well. You can NOT wear shorts in many temples or ashrams though. In some ways, men and women dress more conservatively here.

Is wearing shorts illegal in India?

Abroad yes, but not in India

Many Indian women, even in their 40s find it comfortable to wear shorts when they are living abroad but when in India it’s a strict no-no for them.

What should you not wear in India?

Both men and women travelers should have pants and avoid tank tops as clothes to wear in India. In India, attire for women (if you really want to look like a local) includes long skirts that go down to the ankle instead of pants. While T-shirts are acceptable, always err on the side of modesty.

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Can females wear shorts in Delhi?

Re: Are shorts acceptable dress in Delhi? Its a personal choice, no will will mind if you wear shorts anywhere except at religious places like temples and mosques. Its very hot in Delhi now, so dress for comfort. However some hotels and resturants may have dress codes so it depends on where you are going.

Can females wear shorts in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a traditional and conservative Islamic country and most Pakistanis are religious. … So let’s start with what not to wear in Pakistan. You should avoid wearing shorts, tight tops, trousers, leggings and short or even midi skirts.

Can female tourists wear shorts in India?

Shorts and swimsuits are fine when you’re on the beach, but women receive a lot of attention even when wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Bikinis are acceptable for beach resorts but not for more conservative seaside villages.

Why do girls wear revealing clothes?

Women like to be noticed and appreciated, they like to feel visually appealing – well, the significant share of them. It doesn’t mean they want something from you or offer you something – except for the pleasure of sharing public space with them.

Is shorts allowed in Dubai?

What should tourists wear in Dubai? When visiting Dubai as a tourist, you will be glad to know that the dress code in tourist places and hotels isn’t very strict. Men can wear shorts, pants, shirts, or t-shirts. Women can wear dresses, skirts, shorts, and t-shirts, blouses, tops…

Can you wear short skirts in India?

Wear mini-skirts (but it doesn’t have to be to the ankle either). You can wear skirts that go to the knee, as long as they aren’t tight pencil skirts paired with a tiny top too. That’s a little much. If you want to wear a skirt that goes to the knee, keep it loose, and wear a decent top with it.

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Is wearing shorts a crime?

Another lawyer said the Indian Penal Code has provisions that prohibit obscenity, but wearing shorts or skimpy clothes does not amount to it, in any way. “No one is allowed to have a say in someone else’s choice of clothing.

Can I wear shorts in Bangalore?

Koramangala is a full of young well to do people, and short shorts and short skirts and the latest western fashion is common. Since India is usually a hot place, wearing tights under skirts isn’t usual, having said that, it is very windy these days, and people are covering up more.

Can I wear shorts in Chennai?

4. Don’t ever wear anything too short or revealing in Chennai, if you don’t want to be petrified with excruciating glares of the people. No matter how tempted you are to free yourself off the clothing baggage, drop the idea and dress wisely and decently!

Can you wear crop tops in India?

Cropped tops are acceptable.

As long as your cleavage is covered, you can pull off wearing cropped tops (just make sure it’s not to short). … This black cropped top I got from Forever 21 is so easy to wear and it matches the coloful skirts I brought for the trip to India.