You asked: Can we go from Pune to Mumbai?

Is Pune to Mumbai travel allowed?

A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says there is no restriction on travelling within Maharashtra. … A: Maharashtra guidelines say anyone coming to Maharashtra from anywhere in the country needs to have an RT-PCR negative report not older than 48 hours.

Can we travel from Pune to Mumbai without Epass?

Is e-pass required for travel between Pune and Mumbai via expressway? A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says e-pass is not required for travelling from Pune to Mumbai via expressway. An e-pass is not required if a person is travelling between Level 1 and Level 4 districts in the state, an officer says.

Is Lonavala open now 2021?

Pawar said they cannot stop tourists from coming to Lonavala. “There is no ban on tourists. However, they are not allowed to go near waterfalls and dams,” he said. Police Inspector T S Mujawar of Lonavala rural police said, “In rural areas, we witnessed tourist inflow on Saturday.

Is it possible to travel to Pune now?

However, since the central and state governments have eased lockdowns recently and are taking measures for people and businesses to get used to the new normal, travelling to Pune is once again possible. Following Pune quarantine rules and taking precautionary measures is mandatory though.

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Can I travel interstate now?

Yes, there will be health screening of all the incoming persons at the Border Check- Posts, Airports , Railway Stations and Bus stands. Is there any Quarantine norms on entering the State? Yes, there will be mandatory Home Quarantine and authorities will do hand-stamping for 14-days quarantine.

How can I get e-pass for inter-district travel in Maharashtra?

You can apply for an E-Pass by visiting for travelling within or outside Maharshtra in case of emergency. Please follow the given steps. Government servants travelling for official purposes and those involved in emergency services will not be required to apply for the pass.

For which states E-pass is required?

e-Pass in Maharashtra for inter- and intra-state travel to stay. The state government has made mandatory of e-pass requirement for inter-state and intra-state movement in private vehicles. However, travellers travel by ST buses need not have to procure mandatory e-passes for inter-district travel.

Is lavasa open tomorrow?

Yes , Lavasa roads are open as of today.

Is igatpuri open now?


Is lavasa open for tourists?

Lavasa is not completely open for tourism, so don’t expect water sports. The number of tourists in this place has still not increased, so you can enjoy the quiet peaceful surroundings to yourself.

Can I travel to Pune airport during lockdown?

Maharashtra Lockdown: Know this if you are travelling to Pune airport today or going home from the airport. … Police officials said that the passenger has to carry his / her air ticket and boarding pass, for being allowed smooth travel till the airport.

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Are trains running from Pune to Mumbai?

Ans: There are 24 daily trains that operate from Pune to Mumbai.

Is Pass required for inter-district travel in Maharashtra?

For levels 1 to 4, inter-district travel has been allowed without the requirement of an e-pass. In the case of places in the level 5 category, to and from movement along with passing through, if there is any stoppage inside, is allowed only with an e-pass.