Frequent question: Who is the father of Digital India?

Where is Sam Pitroda from?

Pitroda is a serial entrepreneur having started several companies in the United States. He holds around 20 honorary PhD’s, close to 100 worldwide patents, and has published five books and numerous papers and lectured widely all over the world. He lives in Chicago with his wife.

Who brought computer in India?

TIFRAC (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Automatic Calculator) was the first computer developed in India, at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. Initially a TIFR Pilot Machine was developed in the 1950s (operational in 1956).

Who started telecom revolution in India?

Liberalisation of Indian telecommunication in industry started in 1981 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi signed contracts with Alcatel CIT of France to merge with the state owned Telecom Company (ITI), in an effort to set up 5,000,000 lines per year.

Who is the father of politics in India?


Field Person Epithet
Politics Mahatma Gandhi (de facto) Father of the Nation
Politics B. R. Ambedkar Father of the Republic of India / Father of Modern India
Politics Raja Ram Mohan Roy Father of modern India
Politics Potti Sreeramulu Father of Linguistic Democracy
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When did Rajiv Gandhi died?

The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, occurred as a result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India on 21 May 1991. At least 14 others, in addition to Rajiv Gandhi, were killed.

Who is the father of Yellow Revolution?

Sam Pitroda is Known as the father of the Yellow Revolution in India. Yellow Revolution targets nine oilseeds that are groundnut, mustard, soybean, safflower, sesame, sunflower, niger, linseed, and castor. To ensure the success of the yellow revolution India launched Oil Technological Mission in 1986.

Which Indian prime minister is called father of economic reforms of India?

Rao, who held the Industries portfolio, was personally responsible for the dismantling of the Licence Raj, as this came under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, reversing the economic policies of Rajiv Gandhi’s government. He is often referred to as the “Father of Indian Economic Reforms”.

Who is the prime minister of India?

PARAM 8000, India’s 1st Giga-scale supercomputer in 1990.

Who is the father of modern computer?

But, India soon took it upon itself to develop its own indigenous supercomputer and shocked the world in 1991 with the PARAM 8000. This is the incredible story of India’s first supercomputer.

Which is the first telecom company in India?

In 1995, a few months after mobile telephony was opened up to private participation, Essar became the first company to start GSM operations in Delhi under the brand name, Essar Cellphones.

Which telecom company is Indian?

Internet service providers (ISPs)

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Rank Provider Ownership
1 Reliance Jio Jio Platforms
2 Airtel Bharti Airtel Limited
3 Vi Vodafone Idea Limited
4 BSNL Government of India

When did 2G come in India?

The first 2G system started to roll out in 1992 while the first 3G system first appeared in 2001.