Question: When did Pakistan defeat India in Champions Trophy?

How many times Pakistan beat India in ICC Champions Trophy?

Pakistan has only three victories against India in ICC tournaments and all three wins were registered in the Champions Trophy. The last time Pakistan beat India was in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final.

Has Pakistan beat India in World Cup?

Pakistan’s 10-wicket win over neighbours marked the first time it beat India in a World Cup match. Jubilant cricket fans poured onto the streets across Pakistan on Sunday to hail their team’s rout of India at the T20 World Cup in Dubai.

Why did India lost to Pakistan?

He said, Kohli-led India lost their T20 World Cup opener to Pakistan because their players were under pressure even before the toss. “When I saw Virat Kohli and Babar Azam at the toss it was evident the Indians were under a lot of pressure,” Inzamam said on a Pakistani news channel.

Who won 2009 Champions Trophy?

Australian Men’s Cricket Team
2009 ICC Champions Trophy/Победитель
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