What is the total area of India in lakhs?

About 15,200 kilometers marks the land boundary of India. The total length of the Indian coastline is 7,516.6 kilometres. Complete answer: Located in the northern hemisphere of the world, India is having a total land area of 32.8 lakh sq km.

What is India’s total area?

India occupies an area of about 3.28 million sq.

What is the total area of India in 2020?

km) in India was reported at 2973190 sq. Km in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What is the area of India 2021?

United States — 9,525,067 – 9,831,510 km² Brazil — 8,515,770 km² Australia — 7,741,220 km² India — 3,287,260 km²

What is the total area of China?

Answer: The size of India is 3.28 million square km which accounts for 2.6% of the total land of the world.

What is the total area of India Class 9?

The total area of India is 3,287,263 square kilometres. It has a land area of 3.28 million km2 which is 2.4% of the world area. -India has 28 states and 8 union territories.

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What is the total area of Indian landmass Class 9?

India’s total landmass is 3.28 million square kilometres out of which the land area is 2.38 million square kilometres while the area occupied by the water bodies is around 300 thousand square kilometres.

What is the land area of India Class 9?

India: Size

The land mass of India has an area of 3.28 million (3.28 lakh) square km; which comprises about 2.4% of the total geographical area of the world. India is the seventh largest country in the world. The land boundary of India is 15,200 km.

Who founded India?

Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama becomes the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean when he arrives at Calicut on the Malabar Coast. Da Gama sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, in July 1497, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and anchored at Malindi on the east coast of Africa.

What is the total Kilometre of India?

It is the seventh-largest country in the world, with a total area of 3,287,263 square kilometres (1,269,219 sq mi). India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west. It has a land frontier of 15,200 km (9,445 mi) and a coastline of 7,516.6 km (4,671 mi).

What are the 10 largest country in the world?

The top ten largest countries, in square kilometers.

  • Russia. 17,098,242.
  • Canada. 9,984,670.
  • United States. 9,826,675.
  • China. 9,596,961.
  • Brazil. 8,514,877.
  • Australia. 7,741,220.
  • India. 3,287,263.
  • Argentina. 2,780,400.

Which is smallest state in India?

Area of India : 3,287,240 Sq km.*

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Largest State Rajasthan 342,239 Sq km
Smallest State Goa 3,702 Sq km
Largest Union Territory Andaman & Nicobar Islands 8,249 Sq km
Smallest Union Territory Lakshadweep 32 Sq km
Largest District Kachchh (Gujarat) 45,652 Sq km

Which is big state in India?

Indian states by area

Rank State/UT Area
(sq km)
1 Rajasthan 342,239
2 Madhya Pradesh 308,252
3 Maharashtra 307,713

Which is the richest state in India?

Maharashtra: (GSDP) of ₹32.42 trillion (Richest)

Maharashtra is the richest state in India. The state capital Mumbai is also known as the economic capital of the country. The total GDP of Maharashtra is 27.96 lakh crore.