You asked: What is the cost of BCG vaccine in India?

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How much does the BCG vaccine cost?

Consultation fee

Vaccine Price Quantity
MMR £55 per dose 2 doses
Pneumococcus Vaccination £42 per dose 1 dose
Shingles £190 per dose 1 dose
Tuberculosis (BCG) national shortage! Phone us to go on waiting list £70 per dose 1 dose

At what age is BCG vaccine given in India?

When is the best time for my child to have the BCG vaccine? It is best for your child to have the vaccine within a few days of being born and up to six months old, but they can be vaccinated any time up to five years of age. If your child is older than six months, he or she will be tested to see if they have TB.

Is BCG treatment expensive?

Total median costs at 1 year from the start of BCG induction therapy were $29 459 (IQR, $14 991-$52 060); 2 years, $55 267 (IQR, $28 667-$99 846); and 5 years, $117 361 (IQR, $59 680-$211 298).

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Can BCG vaccine be given at any age?

It is recommended that new borns receive the BCG vaccine as soon as they are discharged from the hospital. If for some reason, they miss the BCG vaccination, they can be given the BCG injection anytime up to 5 years of age. It is essential to follow this BCG vaccine schedule to prevent tuberculosis.

Where can I get my BCG?

If the BCG vaccine is recommended for your baby, it will usually be offered at about 28 days old. This may be offered at a hospital, a local healthcare centre or, occasionally, at your GP surgery.

How long does BCG last?

BCG vaccination given to babies and young children provides consistent protection (up to 80%) against severe forms of childhood TB, such as TB meningitis. It can be less effective against TB affecting the lungs in adults. The protection from the BCG vaccine can last up to 15 years.

Can BCG be given twice?

The vaccine is usually given one time. It may be given twice in some cases.

Can I get TB after BCG?

Impact of BCG vaccination has demonstrated that classical or generalized tuberculosis meningitis, miliary TB, disseminated tuberculosis, and other serious complications of primary infections go on occurring in malnourished BCG-vaccinated children.

Why is BCG not given after 5 years?

Immunization of infants with Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine (BCG) can protect against TB meningitis and other severe forms of TB in children less than five years old. BCG vaccine is not recommended after 12 months of age because the protection provided is variable and less certain.

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Is BCG better than chemo?

BCG is most commonly used in intravesical immunotherapy for NMIBC and appears to be more effective than intravesical chemotherapy in preventing tumor recurrence and progression. Especially for those with high-risk NMIBC, BCG immunotherapy is considered as a gold-standard treatment (29).

How painful is BCG treatment?

It is generally not considered a painful procedure, though some may find it uncomfortable. Any urine remaining in the bladder will be drained and then a BCG solution will be inserted into the bladder next to the tumor and should remain for two hours.

What is the success rate for BCG?

A recent study was published evaluating maintenance BCG therapy [23]. The authors observed a three-year recurrence free survival of 75.3% and disease-free survival of 96.1%. However, they reported a high complication rate of 81.5%.

How many times is BCG given?

This vaccine is usually given as a single dose. You may need a repeat vaccine if your TB skin test is still negative 2 to 3 months after you received your first BCG vaccine.

How do I know if I had a BCG vaccine?

The tuberculin skin test (also called the Mantoux test) may be given before you are offered the BCG vaccine. If you develop a hard red lump at the test site, this is a positive result. It means that your immune system already recognises TB, because you have been exposed to the disease in the past.

What if BCG is not given at birth?

Delaying BCG vaccination from birth to 10 weeks of age may result in an enhanced memory CD4 T cell response.

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